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Public / Private Transit

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Hybrid Automatic Fare Collection Solutions (AFC)

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EMV / Automotive AFC Equipment

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Intelligent Transport Solutions (ITS) and Passenger Information Systems (PIS)

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Provide, as a solution or as a service, the tools to PTO’s and PTA’s (Public Transport Operators/Authorities) to give the passenger the best journey experience for a punctual, best priced, informed, safe, entertained and comfortable trip, so that public transport becomes the preferred travel mode.

Aim to be the best in class service provider and global player in its sector, promoting a culture of quality, reliability, accountability and sustainability.

Encourage the use of environment friendly and sustainable transport systems, facilitating easy and convenient access and payment facilities for the public transport customers.



Prodata PTexcellence is an European company with business focus on the development, the implementation, the delivery and eventual operation “as a service” of AFC/ITS/PIS projects within EMEAA.

Prodata PTexcellence relies on individuals who have gathered solid experience in the public transport industry over the last 30 years, with a proven track record in AFC/ITS/PIS projects.

Prodata PTexcellence is member of Prodata Mobility (PSTgoSmart, Emsyscon) and partner of the Prodata Holding Group ( Prodata Brasil, … ).